Dr. Richard Mills

Research Associate – Cambridge University

Director of Research – WikiRate

Email: richard.allister.mills at gmail.com

Biography: I study online communities and interactions. I’m particularly interested in peer production communities that produce some sort of shared resource, or communities that demonstrate a form of collective intelligence.

Since 2014 I have been working on the WikiRate project, helping to design a platform where diverse stakeholders can access and contribute to a repository of data on companies’ Environmental, Social and Governance performance.

Prior to this I completed a PhD in Applied Social Statistics, for which I studied distributed moderation voting systems, chiefly those deployed by reddit and the stack exchange network. I have also worked as a data scientist on projects concerning the use and sharing of genomic sequencing data, and code-sharing commons like github.

I use a variety of research methods, from collection and analysis of procedural data and digital footprints, to interviews, surveys and content analysis.